Ashburton Golf Club Men

Saturday 14/5/2022

Competition: Watson Cup Knockouts + Stableford Round

Watson Cup Quarter Final Winners: Dave Fisher & George Brown, Steve McCloy & Stephen Lee, Robbie Bell & Royce Jamieson, Greg Fleming & Chris Lovelock.
Newton Trophy Winners: Tom Blacklow & Ben Niles, Murray Moorhead & Ivan Blain, Pat Turton & Paddy Bradford and Dylan Stoddart & Jordan Bird.

Radius Care Winner over the Field: Brendon Davidson +2
2nd Tim Newton +1
3rd Davis Rush +1

Other good scores were; Craig Bain +1, Jeff Hewitt +1 & Shane Beaven 0.

Two’s: Blair Snowball x2, Royce Jamieson, Terry Kingsbury & Paddy Bradford

Nearest The Pins:
Hole 4#”: South Island Seed Processing & Storage Co: Blair Snowball
Hole 8# 3 Stooges (Brown Bombers): Steve McCloy
Hole 12# Ashburton Golf Club: Terry Kingsbury
Hole 14# Value Plus: Paddy Bradford
Hole 6# Hamish Niles Shout: Robbie Bell
Hole 9# Tong’s Thai: Brendon Davidson

Birdie Jackpot Hole No 3#
Nett Eagle Jackpot Hole No 6#

Tinwald Tavern Bonus Spot Prize: Craig Bain

HARVEY BAKEHOUSE 9 Hole Competition:

1st: Harvey Bakehouse Winner: Gavin Johnston 19pts
2nd Sam Prince 17pts



Ashburton Golf Club Women

Saturday 14th May and Tuesday 17th May 2022
Sunmeade Trophy – Gross

Vicki Moore – 87
H E Cook – Nett
Pam Feutz – 69, Bev Turton, Hilary Ward - 74

Nearest the Pins
No 4 Chevalier Farm Ltd – Pauline Bell
No 8 Samantha Rose Flowers – Vicki Moore
No 12 Lynn’s small Salon – Kay Fox
No 14 Todd’s of Ashburton – Bev Turton
No 18 2nd Shot – Ellenor Sullivan

Jeanette Montgomery – No 4

Ashburton Golf Club 9 Holers

Last week's winners - The Round 4 Gordon Clinton Putting Trophy winner was Gavin Johnston (12), followed by Peter Woods and Gordon Clinton (15). The Round 4 Jean Drummond Putting Trophy was won by Chris Anderson, Judy Shepherd and Wendy Smith (16).  Colin Fleming and Richard Johnson scored Smith & Church gobblers and Allan Bowman scored a 2 on number 8. This week, 19th May, we are playing at Mayfield and the following week, 26th May, we will have a special event: the Bruce Leighton Mixed Bloodsome Trophy sponsored by Hotel Ashburton and Netherby Pharmacy.

Tinwald Golf Club Men

Saturday May 14th

Grade winners in the medal round played Saturday. -12; Robin Simms 70 c/b Simon Ross, Dave King 70. 13-18; Pete Marshall 68, Snow Pierce 70, Dave Cockburn, Cameron Miller 72. 19 Plus; Phil Bloomfield 71 c/b Jim Lattimore 71.

Women: Kelly Kenton 72.

Nearest the Pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Dave King. Gluyas Ford #6; Gary Lee. The Fine Lion #12; Jason Mactier. Ace Automotive #16; Snow Pierce. G & R Seeds 2nd Shot #11; Steve Mealings.

Two’s. Greg Hubbard (2), Dave King, Percy Kelsall, Jason Mactier, Gordy Kenton, Robin Bosson, Dave Cockburn, Snow Pierce.

Net Eagle; # 10 Tony Sheppard.


Tinwald Golf Club Women

3 May


Silver: Jenny Harrex 74, Bronze 1: June Bruhns 72, Val Prendergast 69, 9 Hole: Diana Wellman 39.


Val Prendergast 69, June Bruhns 72, Di Bell 79.

9 Hole


Diana Wellman 39 c/b, Nancy Costin 39.

Nearest the Pin: No 2 (2nd Shot) Murray Young Property Broker; Val Prendergast, No 6 (2nd Shot) Sims Bakery; Denise Wells, No 12 Mac & Maggie; Val Prendergast, 16 (2nd Shot) Outdoor Adventure; Barb Harris, Memory Funeral Longest Putt; Di Bell.

Spruce Gardens
Spruce Gardens