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MID CANTERBURY RUGBY -  Friday 14th & saturday 15th may 2021


Friday 14th May 2021

Under 13

All Teams to meet at Celtic @6:00pm

Further information TBC


Saturday 15th  May 2021 

Celtic Club Day

Seniors – Combined Competition Division 1

Pool A

West Melton v Hampstead, West Melton1, 2:45pm Marty Gameson

Rakaia - BYE

Pool B

Rolleston v Methven, FosterPark1, 2:45pm Andrew Brosnahan

Celtic v Lincoln, Celt1, 2:45pm Jared Le Gros – AR1 Hamish Grant – AR2 Geoff Barr

Southern v BYE


Senior B – 

Allenton v Southern, 2:30pm, Allenton1  Ant McGirr – AR1 Joc O’Connor  – AR2 Gary Clement

Celtic v Collegiate, Celtic2, 2:00pm Greg Jopson - AR1 Moon Tuilaepa – AR2 Mike Southby

*Mt Somers v Methven, MtSom1, 2:30pm Glenn Peddie

Bruce Beckley Challenge Shield


 Senior Women 

Celtic v Lincoln, 1:00pm, Celtic1 Geoff Barr


COLTS Combined  

Celtic Colts v Lincoln, 12:30pm, Celtic 2 Hamish Grant

West Melton v Hampstead/Southern Comb, 1:00pm, West Melton2

BDI Seniors Colts v Methven, 1:00pm, Dunsandel Domain1


1st XV UC Championship  

Waimea v MC Combined, WaimeaCollege1, 12:00pm 


Under 18 Combined 

MC Alps v Kaiapoi, Allenton 1, 1:00pm Joc O’Connor


Under 16 Combined 

MC Plains v RHS Green, Celtic3, 1:45pm Phill Everist

Rolleston v MCRU Alps, 12:45pm, FosterPark2


Under 14.5 Combined  

Waihora v MCRU Alps, Rhodes Park 11:30am

Leeston v Methven, LeestonPark, 12:00pm

MCRU Plains v Lincoln, Celtic3, 12:30pm Moon Tuilaepa


Under 11.5

Allenton v Southern, All2, 1:30pm (Club Referee)

Celtic G v Methven White, Celtic4, 1:30pm (Club Referee)

Celtic W v Methven R, Celtic 4, 12:30pm (Club Referee)

Collegiate/Rakaia v Hampstead, Coll1A, 1:15pm (Club Referee)

Tinwald v Methven B, Tinwald3, 1:15pm (Club Referee)


Under 10

Allenton v Southern, All3, 1:30pm

Celtic v Hampstead, Celtic4, 11:30am

Collegiate v Rakaia, Col1A, 12:15pm

Tinwald v Methven, Tinw4, 1:15pm


Under 9

Allenton v Hampstead, All2, 12:30pm

Celtic G v Southern, Celt3A, 11:30am

Celtic W v Rakaia, Celt3B, 11:30am

Tinwald v Methven, Tin2, 12:15pm

Methven/Mt Somers Combined BYE


Under 8

Allenton G v Allenton M, All3, 12:30pm

Celtic v Rakaia, Celt2B, 11:30am

Collegiate v Southern W, Collegiate 2, 1:00pm

Methv/Mtsomer v Methven, Mts2, 1:30pm

Tinwald v Southern B, Tinw3, 12:15pm


Under 7

Allenton v Southern B, Allt4A, 1:15pm

Celtic G v Celtic W, Celt2A, 11:30am

Collegiate v Rakaia, Coll3, 1:15pm

Mt Somers v Methven, Mt2, 12:45pm

Tinwald B v Southern W, Tinwald 1A, 1:00pm

Tinwald O v Southern R, Tinw1B, 1:00pm

Hampstead, BYE

Under 6

Allenton G v Southern W, All4A 12:30pm

Allenton M v Southern B, All4B, 12:30pm

Celtic G v Rakaia B, Celt1A, 11:30am

Celtic W v Rakaia W, Celt1B, 11:30am

Collegiate v Hampstead, Coll3, 12:30pm

Mt Somers v Methven B, Mt Somers 2, 12:00pm

Tinwald Black v Methven W, Tinw1A, 12:15pm

Tinwald Blue v Southern S, Tinwal2A, 1:00pm

Tinwald O v Southern R, Tinw2B, 1:00pm



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