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Mid canterbury rugby union Draw - 





CLUB DAY – Rakaia  


12th June 2019

AshHutt Girls BYE



15th June 2019

Luisetti Watters Cup

Max Gilbert Challenge Trophy

Methven Wareings V Southern Stu Tarbotton Contracting 14:45 Methvn: 1 Kevin Opele, Gary Clement, Kalifa Faalogo

Rakaia V Celtic Darryl Phillips Motor Company 14:45 Rak: 1 Matt Gallagher, Hamish Grant, Nathan Forbes

Devon Tavern Hampstead V BYE


Senior B Centennial Mug

Collegiate V Celtic RFC: Kelly’s Cafe & Bar, 2:30pm, coll1 Charlie Kelland, Joc O’Connor, George Williams

Methven R & R Spreading V Southern Wholesale Seeds, Methven 1, 1:00pm Gary Clement

Rakaia v Allenton, Rak1, 1:00pm Nathan Forbes, Linda Kelsall, Moon Tuilaepa

Mt Somers BYE


Women Senior Championship

University of Canterbury V Celtic B’s Barber Women 13:00 Ilam: 2


Combined Colts

Methven/Rakaia Combined V Southern: Colts 1:00 Rakaia2 Hamish Grant

Lincoln: Colts Bales V Ashburton Celtic RFC: EuroAgri Colts 13:00 Lincoln


UC Championship

Mid Canterbury Combined v St Thomas, Ash College1, 12:00pm Joc O’Connor, Simon Bennett, Mike Southby


Under 18 Combined Comp (Semi-final)

Mid Canterbury Alps v TBC, Hamps1, 2:15pm Simon Bennett, Jeremy Robinson, Mike Southby


Under 16 Combined Comp

Mid Canterbury Rugby Alps V Mid Canterbury Plains, Rakaia3, 1:15pm Ant McGirr


Under 14.5 Combined Comp

West Melton: U14.5 V Mid Canterbury ALPS

Mid Canterbury Plains V Dunsandel/Irwell, Hamp1, 1:00pm Jeremy Robinson


ACL - Under 13

Celtic v Methven White, Celtic 2. 1:00pm

Hampstead v Collegiate, Hamp2, 1:30pm, 

Methven Black v Southern/Tinwald, 1:15pm Methv2


ACL – Under 11.5

Celtic Ashburton Online Green V Allenton Smallbones, Rakaia 3, 11:45am Moon Tuilaepa

Celtic Lysaght Glass White V Collegiate Morgan Fencing, Rakaia 2, 11:45am Linda Kelsall

Methven V Southern Howden Ag, Meth3, 1:15pm Liz Bell

Tinwald/Hampstead V BYE



ACL – Under 10

Hampstead V Collegiate Cates Grain & Seed, Hamp2, 12:30pm

Methven Black V Southern Hayden Mckenzie Contracting, Methv4. 1:30pm

Rakaia V Celtic Blacklows, Rakaia4, 1:30pm

Methven White V BYE


ACL – Under 9

Celtic Blacklows Green V Allenton Trembath Construction, Celtic4, 12:00pm

Methven Black V Southern Four Seasons Treecare, Methv5, 1:30pm

Methven Red V Collegiate Ross Leadley Building, Methven 5, 12:30pm

Methven White V Tinwald Ace Electrical, Methven 4, 12:30pm

Rakaia Under 9 V Celtic Summerfield Builders White, Rakaia4, 12:30pm

Methven/Mt Somers V BYE


ACL – Under 8

Celtic McCrea Painters White V Allenton Engineering Solutions, Celtic 3, 1:00pm

Collegiate Redpaths V Hampstead, Coll2, 1:15pm

Methven Black V Southern Red Coleman Ag, Methven2A, 12:15pm

Methven White V Southern White Riverlea Ag, Methven 2B, 12:15pm

Rakaia V Celtic Summerfield Builders Green, Rakaia 1B, 11:45pm

Tinwald NZ Livestock V BYE


ACL – Under 7

Allenton Alpine View V Hampstead, Allenton2, 1:15pm 

Collegiate Red Matt Lovett Slurry V Celtic Summerfield Builders White, Coll2, 12:30pm

Methven Black V Southern: White Busch Joinery, methven3A. 12:15pm

Methven White V Southern: Red James Doyle Contracting, Methven 3B, 12:15pm

Mt Somers U7 V Tinwald RFC: Gluyas Nissan, Mt Somers 2, 1:30pm

Rakaia V Ashburton Celtic RFC: Finishing Company Green, Rakaia 1A, 12:15pm

Tinwald RFC: Tinwald Canvas V BYE


ACL – Under 6

Allenton Auto Centre Gold V AllentonYoung Electrical Maroon, Allenton 3, 1:15pm

Collegiate Gold Groundworks Services V Tinwald Cranfield Glass, Collegiate 3, 12:30pm

Collegiate Red Garador V Celtic RFC: Anderson Joinery Green, Coll3, 1:15pm

Methven Black V Southern: Red Harcourts Ashburton, Methv1A, 12:15pm

Methven White V Southern: White, Methv1B, 12:15pm

Mt Somers U6 V Southern: Blue Agspread, Mt Somers 2, 1:30pm

Rakaia U6 V Celtic RFC: Anderson Joinery White, Rakaia 1a, 11:30am

Tinwald RFC: Stables V BYE

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