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Those who thought June was a cold month were probably relying on their own personal observations, but now AgResearch Winchmore has produced the monthly figures to back it up.

The lowest minimum temperature experienced during the month, on the 18th, at - 4.5 degrees, was cold but not overly so when compared with the two previous years - 2004: - 3.8 and 2005: - 4.4.
Neither were the frosts recorded much worse than usual. A frost of  - 8.8 was recorded on the 28th. Last year the lowest frost was - 10.8, the year before - 8.7. Nineteen frosts were recorded during June, the same as in 2004 and well down on last June's 25.

Where the feeling that the month was a cold one came from was the average air temperature of 4.6 degrees for the whole month. It was well below the long-term average of 5.9. Last year's June average temperature was 5.4 and in 2004 it was a balmy 7.9.

The average minimum temperature over the 30 days was -0.6, similar to -0.4 in 2005 but a lot colder than 2004's 2 degrees average minimum.

The average maximum for the month at 9.8 degrees was well below the 11.3 of 2005 and the 13.8 average of 2004.

The highest temperature recorded all month was 18.7 degrees on the 10th, twp days before the snow. The figure was similar last June at 18.1, and much higher in June 2004 at 19.8.

The effect of all the cold weather has been a big reduction in soil temperatures to 3.8 degrees for dryland at 10 centimetres depth and 4.4 for irrigated soil. The dryland figure last June was 5 degrees and 6.3 in 2004. Last year irrigated soil came in at 6.1 and in 2004 6.9.

Rainfall for June was a big 103.4mm, almost double the ling-term average of 54.4mm, and ten times last June's 10.8mm. June 2004 saw 20.8mm. The highest daily rainfall was 31.8mm on the 11th (the day before the snow).

Rainfall for the year to the end of June stands at 411.6mm. At the same time in 2005 it was 289.8mm and in 2004 326.7mm.
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