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5 October 2017 - By Mick Jensen - Theatre show promoters are sending out an ``avoid'' warning for ticket re-selling website Viagogo.
Ashburton Trust Event Centre manager Roger Farr is urging the public not to use the website because of its mis-representation of the facts, while well-known show promoter Ben McDonald is also keen to warn people not to be ``fleeced'' by the re-seller.

  Roger Farr said Viagogo stated on its website that tickets for Event Centre show The Sound of Music were sold out, when in actual fact, they were not.
The website was the first to come up on Google searches and was ``mis-representing`` the Ashburton show and others and ``doing no favours for show promoters''.
``The only way Viagogo can sell the tickets is by purchasing them online, then on-selling them.
``It is very annoying for us when we spend so much on advertising and then this website puts out false information and basically rips people off by charging up to double the original ticket price.''
Mr Farr said ticket buyers for Event Centre shows should use partner agent TicketDirect and other recognised outlets for shows out of town.
Christchurch based entertainment promoter Ben McDonald said Viagogo went after all shows and what it was doing was not technically illegal.
The website advertised prices that were well above actual ticket values, which put some people off going to a show.
It also wrongly stated that some shows were sold out, when they were not.
``All we can do as promoters is to warn the public.
``Viagogo also purchases some tickets only after the public has paid for them through their website. And at that stage, there is no guarantee that those tickets can be sourced and so there is a good chance that the customer can lose out.''
Tinwald man Willem Van Mierlo almost had his fingers burnt in his recent dealings with the website.
Mr Van Mierlo went to the website to purchase tickets for a Steve Hackett concert in Auckland in July, but the website experience left a sour taste in his mouth.
The site said it was an official New Zealand site, the seats offered looked really good, but the pricing was in Euros, he said.
``I expected to pay around $139, but with taxes and a booking fee that went out to $279.
``I wasn't prepared to pay that, so I challenged the price and asked about the inferior seats I'd been allocated.
``Because I was dissatisfied with the whole process, and determined not to be ripped off, I cancelled the transaction and changed my credit card.''
Mr Van Mierlo said he later purchased tickets from recognised ticket seller Ticketmaster and he strongly recommended others give the Viagogo website a ``via no go''.


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