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Trade Agreement will strengthen NZ export sector says Feds PDF Print E-mail
9 March 2018 - Federated Farmers - Federated Farmers is delighted to see the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) formally signed off today.
"This is a great outcome for not just the primary sector but all New Zealanders. It ensures our country will be part of a critical trade deal," says Katie Milne, Federated Farmers National President.
"This agreement goes far beyond primary sector interests. There will be potential to develop new technologies and economic partnerships while reducing business costs, which will be beneficial to kiwis working across all industries.
"It’s vital that these international trade agreements exist, without it, there’s a real risk of more countries retreating to economic protectionism, which would hamper our access to key and emerging markets.
"This would have major concerns for our ability to trade and be competitive. It would also have repercussions for our future prosperity."
The Federation believes CPTPP will safeguard New Zealand’s economic interests and further strengthen our export sector.
Katie says it places New Zealand on an equal footing globally and particularly with the likes of Australia and the European Union, with immense future opportunities towards trading with Japan, Mexico, Peru and Canada
"Being part of this trade agreement is essential if the new Government is to realise its aspirational goals for New Zealand.
"The Federation is delighted that the Government has stayed resolute throughout negotiations to find a consensus, resulting in the signing of the agreement," says Katie.
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