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21 September 2017 - ADC - ‘It’s Our Place’ – a campaign to get people thinking about what they want for Ashburton, kicks off today, Thursday 21 September.

  Initiated by Ashburton District Council, ‘It’s Our Place’, aims to encourage as many people as possible to respond to three short but thought-provoking questions and to really have a say on what should happen in the district over the next decade.
Council Community Relations Manager Vincie Billante says everyone living in the Ashburton District is invited to submit their answers.
The first question – ‘What should happen in our district over the next ten years?’ can be answered online at www.ItsOurPlace.com.  It can also be answered through a new app, Antenno, which is available to download free from the App Store or Google Play.
Residents can also choose to fill out a hard copy form of the survey, which is available from the Council offices, Ashburton library, EA Networks Centre and a number of businesses around the district. People have until Wednesday 18 October to submit their answer to Council.
“The next two questions, which will be launched in October and November respectively, will build on answers to the first question, delivering some very clear ideas to Council about what it should include in its draft Long Term Plan,” Ms Billante says. “This draft plan will then be put out for public consultation in early 2018, so that people can say whether they agree with it or not.”
“It’s an entirely new approach to the Council’s long-term planning, that offers many more opportunities to contribute to what happens in our district. ‘It’s Our Place’ says it all – who better to start our planning with than the people that live here,” Ms Billante says.
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