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Timaru Port fire - update PDF Print E-mail
13 April 2018 - Fire and Emergency New Zealand - Firefighters will monitor a fire on a ship in Timaru’s Harbour overnight and throughout the weekend.
The fire broke out about 9pm on Monday night, and crews have been working to fully extinguish it since.
Today a team of about 20 firefighters have been working to starve the two remaining fires of oxygen, sealing up any port holes or gaps.
One of the fires was still burning in the cargo hold, while another was in the front the boat.
Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s area manager for South Canterbury, Steven Greenyer, says the work has been effective and the fires are only shouldering now.
"We’re hopeful that we’re getting on top of it, and while it’s still smoldering, come Monday we hope the fire will be completely out."
A thermal imaging camera will be used to track the fire throughout the weekend.
Mr Greenyer says at least one crew will also be monitoring the situation through to Monday.
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