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18 May - Ashburton mayor Donna Favel and councillors get the tick from residents but do not meet council's own measure of 80 per cent satisfaction, but the staff are doing better.
The council's latest residents survey of 500 residents shows that 74 per cent of respondents are satisfied with the overall performance, but when asked about council staff, 91 per cent said they were satisfied.
But the 74 per cent satisfaction level is up from 2016, when they scored 72 per cent. Staff scored 84 per cent in 2016.
Community consultation was rated at 75 per cent satisfaction.
Of those who were unhappy, 25 per cent said the mayor and councillors did not listen, 16 per cent were unhappy with the plan to build a new council building and library, 13 per cent said handling of water issues was poor, 10 per cent said decision-making was poor.
Residents were clear about what council does.
In a new part of the annual survey, respondents were asked for their perceptions; 97 per cent agreed Ashburton was a great place to live, 93 per cent were clear about what council does, and 91 per cent were confident Ashburton was going in the right direction.
Council got good marks in most sections of the survey, with 100 per cent satisfaction with sports grounds and 99 per cent for the Ashburton Domain.
Cemeteries were rated at 97 per cent, rural fire services got 95 per cent, toilets made 93 per cent, social services 91, property information 91, tourism promotion 91, and council staff 91.
Not faring so well was roading.
Satisfaction with sealed roads was 54 per cent, and unsealed 59 per cent.
Community consultation was put at 75 per cent.
Of those dissatisfied with the roads, 54 per cent cited potholes, 44 per cent said repairs were too slow, 14 per cent said sealing was poor and others were concerned about the narrowness of roads and poor condition in general.


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