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Sixteen impressive and unique works from some of the country's top sculptors, as well as international artist Jina Lee, are now on display on the Long Lawn in Ashburton Domain.

The sculptures are the end result of the Ashburton Stone Sculpture Symposium, a gathering of 11 artists, who included event organiser and local man Brent Holley.

Mr Holley said the sculptors had all ``brought their A game'' to the symposium. There had been good camaraderie, a lot of hard work and some top quality works had been produced over the two weeks. Sculptures had now been moved to the Long Lawn for public display before the auction day this Sunday (November 11). There was a very good variety this year and no two were the same. He said Gina Lee's work with three balls on it sat on a base that looked like bronze because of the high iron content in the stone.

Other works included a black and white panda, a rabbit's foot and a work crowning a two metre tall hardwood plinth, which in turn sat on a stone base. All works had reserves and any that didn't sell at auction would be offered to the highest bidder at reserve.

Any works not reaching reserve would remain on display in the domain and be sold at reserve over the coming months. Sunday's action starts at 1.30pm.

The family fun event at the sculpture site runs from 11am until 3pm and includes a number of stalls.


Jocelyn Pratt measures the dimensions of her work `Run Rabbit Run', which is one of two pieces she has sculptured.

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