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27 May 2019 - ADC - More Ashburton District residents approve of the Council's overall performance in the district this year - a nine per cent increase in satisfaction from the previous year.


The results of the Council's Annual Residents' Survey 2019 have been finalised, with 77 per cent of residents saying that they were satisfied with the Council's performance. Satisfaction was at 68 per cent in 2018.

The telephone survey, which was carried out from 15 February to 10 April by independent company, Research First, asked residents to score the Council across a range of services, activities and issues.

Respondents reported high satisfaction with a number of Council services, with parks and open spaces, the EA Networks Centre and Ashburton Library all scoring above 90 per cent. The Ashburton Museum also saw a significant jump in satisfaction: almost nine-in-ten users were happy with the facility, a 16 per cent increase from the previous year.

The results show that the Council met or exceeded 15 of its 18 performance measures that are included in the 2018-28 Long Term Plan.​​​​​

The three areas the Council did not achieve its targets were satisfaction with sealed and unsealed roads, and the Mayor and Councillors (despite an eight per cent improvement).

Additionally, the Council also scored well against a number of internal metrics that aren't tied to the Long Term Plan. Rubbish and recycling, property information services, the Council website, playgrounds, environmental monitoring, and community events all scored 90 per cent satisfaction or above.

The Council conducts the Annual Residents' Survey each year to gauge what the community thinks about its performance. The results are used to help determine work programmes and budget priorities.

Research First carried out the survey across a representational cross-section of the community using both landline and cellphone numbers.​

The results of the 2019 Annual Residents' Survey will be presented to Councillors at their meeting on Thursday 30 May. The meeting agenda and survey results are available on the Council website, as are the results of previous surveys. ​​​

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