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8 February 2018 - By John Keast - Lake Hood residents face a 37.8 per cent rate hike  - $763 - and the forecast rise in Ashburton is 10.8 per cent - and those figures include last-
minute wrangling by senior staff.
Ashburton councillors met for three hours on Thursday to consider a range of options from senior staff, who had been sent away to try to get the increase in the overall rate requirement down to 6 per cent from 9.6 per cent.
That level of overall rise was considered unacceptable, and councillors have now agreed to changes which will bring it down to 6 per cent.
But although the overall rate requirement has been wrestled down to 6 per cent, there are also winners in the draft Long Term Plan to go out for consultation.
The average rate rise for Ashburton - where most people in the district live - is forecast to rise 10.8 per cent, or $214 - but the news is better for owners of commercial property in Ashburton.
Owners of buildings in the inner central business district with a capital value of $1.149m will pay $374 less, or a 7.2 per cent decrease, and those in the expanded CBD will enjoy an 8.2 per cent rates drop, or $395 a year.
A 4.1 per cent rates rise is forecast for Methven residents, taking the average rate there (capital value $293,000) to $2032.
There is a drop of 12.9 per cent or $520 for Methven commercial owners (capital value $861,750).
In Rakaia, those who have paid a lump sum for previous works face a 3.2 per cent increase to $2001 a year, and residential owners (lump sum not paid) face a 2.5 per cent increase to $2195.
Owners of commercial property in Rakaia can enjoy a rates decrease of 9.6 per cent, or $366.
Rates in Fairton are expected to drop 3.1 per cent, or $47, to $1457, and drop 3.2 per cent at Hakatere to $1161.
At Hinds, rates for a residential property with a capital valuation of $232,000 will increase 6.6 per cent, or $89.
Mayfield residents can look forward to a big drop - 19.1 per cent - with rates forecast to drop $338 to $1428.
That is one of the biggest drops.
At Chertsey, rates are forecast to go up $71, or 5.2 per cent, but Mt Somers home owners can look forward to a big drop, $268, or 15.8 per cent.
Rates for a Dromore property with a capital value of $9,044,000 fall $1954, or 18.7 per cent, to $8490.
But it is at Lake Hood where the proposed rates spike, with rates for a residential property with a capital value of $640,000 moving to $2778, up $763 or 37.8 per cent.
Council proposes to include Lake Hood in the urban amenity rate, arguing it now enjoys the same services as in Ashburton.
That has prompted outrage at Lake Hood, with residents meeting already with council officers.
Lake Hood is now connected to the Ashburton water supply.
The average rate for a rural property with a capital valuation of $9,044,000 will rise 3.1 per cent, or $244, to $8,049.


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