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19 June 2019 - ADC - The scenic drive through the Ashburton high country will soon be a safer trip for locals and visitors alike, with new signs designed to increase driver awareness being installed.


The Ashburton District Council, together with the NZ Transport Agency is in the process of installing a number of warning signs at various sites along Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road (commonly known as the Inland Scenic Route) and roads that intersect with it, in a bid to increase driver preparedness for intersections and curves.

The signs will warn motorists of upcoming ‘give way’ or ‘stop’ intersections so that they have more time to slow down on approach. They will also inform drivers of curves in the road ahead and guide them around the bend.

Some of the signs have been designed to be more visible at night due to their colours and reflective surface. They will be installed at an angle that prevents glare from headlights reflecting back at the driver.

There are 22 sites along the road that have been identified for these safety improvements.

These include the intersections at Prices; Moodies; Springburn Bushside; Ashburton Staveley; Sawmill; Lochheads; Gundrys; Winterslow; Forks; McFarlanes; Pudding Hill; Hart; McLennans Bush; Carneys; Alford Forest Cemetery; and Alford Forest Settlement Roads. Signs to warn drivers of curves in the road will also be installed at a number of these sites.

Accidents at intersections, due to drivers failing to give way or stop are one of the most common crashes that happen in the Ashburton District.

As a well-used route connecting motorists from the Rakaia Gorge Bridge through Staveley, Mt Somers, Mayfield and onto Geraldine, Arundel Rakaia Gorge Road sees a significant amount of visiting and local traffic every day. 

It is hoped that the increased signage as drivers approach intersections will alert them to slow down and help prepare them to give way or stop for passing traffic.

To learn more about roading projects happening in the Ashburton District, visit the Council website.

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