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5 June 2019 - Federated Farmers - Federated Farmers is on board with WorkSafe’s decision to "strongly recommend" installation of a crush protection device (CPD) on quad bikes used for work purposes.

"We support WorkSafe’s policy clarification. For some time Federated Farmers has been saying CPDs, or roll over protection as it used to be called, can be a very useful injury prevention option in many - but not all - farm settings," Feds President Katie Milne says.


"There is still some debate about CPDs, including from quad bike manufacturers who say they are unsafe, and those who say the device itself can cause injury in some circumstances. But like WorkSafe, Federated Farmers believes there is now enough evidence from credible sources to say that farmers should at least be considering Crush Protection Devices.

"Of all quad deaths about 90% are the result of asphyxiation as a result of the bike pinning the rider in a roll over incident. The net result of greater use of CPDs is likely to be positive," Katie says.

Quad bikes are vital tools on farms and in many situations they are either the only, or the safest, vehicle for the job. But they can be unforgiving in the event of a mistake and CPDs are a possible step to make those mistakes less costly.

"The most important thing remains asking: is the quad the right vehicle for the job?, does the rider know what s/he is doing?, and do they have a good understanding of the risks associated with the task?."

WorkSafe notes that it is working with ACC to design targeted assistance for the purchase of CPDs. Any package is likely to be launched by the end of July 2019.

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