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14 July 2017 - June was another busy month for the air rescue team crewing the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service from its Christchurch operations base.
Challenging driving conditions throughout the month contributed to 10 motor vehicle accidents during the month, including four serious accidents in Mid Canterbury.
The helicopter service was used at a ute rollover in Rakaia, single vehicle fatality near Mayfield, car over a bank near the Rakaia Gorge and a truck versus car accident at Maronan.
There have been relatively few incidents at Mt Hutt Skifield since it opened on June 10, with the services of air rescue required for just three skiers and one snowboarder in the month of June.
Other leisure and sport related accidents have also kept the air rescue service busy, with horse-riding, tramping, motocross, rugby and skateboarding accidents accounting for 33% of all accident related missions.
On June 15, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter was responded to Ashburton to retrieve a 30 year old male whose parachute failed during a jump. The Status 2 patient was flown to Christchurch Hospital with a severe spinal injury.
In addition to trauma retrievals, the Air Rescue Service flew 10 medical missions and 15 inter-hospital transfers, including two intensive care unit transfers.


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