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Ashburton water supply secure status update PDF Print E-mail
12 March 2018 - ADC - Ashburton residents are being advised that the Ashburton water supply – which had been classed as a secure water source, now no longer has that status, however the quality of the water has not changed.

  As part of the ongoing impact of the Havelock North Inquiry findings, water supply sources are now being assessed with greater scrutiny nationwide, which has resulted in many councils’ water supplies losing this status.

The Ashburton township’s water supply is sourced from a deep underground aquifer, but with the greater emphasis on risk now happening, its secure status has now been removed as a result.

Ashburton District Council Assets Manager Andrew Guthrie says the revoked status does not pose any significant changes for residents, and Council is now conducting daily water tests as regulated.

“Water supplies across the country are facing far greater scrutiny as part of the public health measures by central government to ensure the Havelock North situation doesn’t occur again” Mr Guthrie says, adding; “The Ashburton water is of the same high quality that it always has been, and we are continuing to treat the water as we have done for many years as a safety measure.

“Our task now is to carry out more regular testing to meet the standards. At this stage, no contaminants have been detected and our water remains safe to drink.”

Most councils are facing increased infrastructure costs to upgrade their water supply systems to meet current and expected new regulations, and Ashburton is no exception.  Mr Guthrie says that because Council has been focused on addressing water quality issues, the upcoming Long Term Plan 2018-28, which is due out for community consultation in April, contains the work programme to upgrade drinking water infrastructure in a number of schemes. This will upgrade Ashburton’s water treatment plants to include UV disinfection as part of the treatment process.

“Council is wanting to ensure its water supplies throughout the district will comply with the stricter standards that are being rolled out by central government, and Ashburton’s water scheme will continue to be as safe and accessible to residents as it is now,” says Mr Guthrie.
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