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10 January 2019 - By John Keast- Paddy Kennedy has closed the retail side of his Allenton Meat Centre, but is exploring other sales options and his wholesale operation continues as normal. Mr Kennedy said it was a sign of the times. 

``Our buying habits have changed. A roast now is a special occasion, and people are time-poor.

``Throughout the world, stand-alone independent businesses are closing; it's a worldwide trend.

``There is just not the foot traffic now. It's a business decision we had to make,'' he said.

Mr Kennedy said no staff had lost jobs, and ``our supply side is rocking along'', as was the processing side.

If customers wanted special larger orders, he would do what he could to supply them.

Mr Kennedy has been in business at Allenton for 19 years.

``It's the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Maree (wife) has rung customers to let them know.

``A lot of our customers are our friends. When we came here we had no kids, and they have watched our kids grow up.''

Mr Kennedy said closing the retail side of the business made the business overall more efficient.

But he would miss the banter with the customers, and the rapport he and staff had with them.

When he came to Ashburton, the town had up to nine butcher shops.

``My passion is still butchery. I'm still trying to do the best I can. We put Ashburton on the map with 20 sausage awards and we had apprentice of the year and young butcher of the year.

``I will miss the interaction with the public and my staff might have to start wearing earmuffs as I'll be wanting to talk to them all the time.''

Mr Kennedy said the shop had been mothballed but it was always an option to reopen it if things changed.

He said Allenton needed a revamp to get the foot traffic back.

``In the end you have to make a call and it was a hard call to make.''

Customers, he said, were time-poor and habits had changed.


Allenton Meat Centre owner Paddy Kennedy.
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