Waireka Croquet Club

A spate of wilful damage over the past month may force one of Ashburton’s smaller sports clubs to go into recess.

Windows in the Waireka Croquet Club’s new pavilion in Philip Street have been broken on four separate occasions over the past month.

Club captain Raylene Phillips said the $1000 excess on the club’s insurance was more than could be afforded while debentures on the building were still being paid off.

Another option would be to board the windows up rather than repair them, but that would be a shame after the club had worked so hard to make its building look good.

Members were absolutely devastated by the attacks, which had caused a big loss of confidence. Many of clubs 30 plus members were elderly and were worried that the club may have to close she said.

The first attack occurred  on the night of Thursday June 8, when a kitchen window was broken. Then last week, on Tuesday June 27 another window was broken. On Friday night a window was broken and a large glass panel in a door broken.

The final attack occurred on Saturday night about 9.15 when a male wearing a hooded jacket broke a window with a rock and was then seen to throw sticks through the hole.

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