District Cleanup

Crews from the district council’s reserves department are busy all around town on a post-snow cleanup that is expected to take at least two months.

Parks and recreation manager David Askin said damage was far worse than after the 2002 storm, and many trees that were damaged then were just starting to recover. In Chalmers Avenue damage to some flowering plums had been so bad they had been totally removed.

Damage to some of the trees in Barrhill village was quite bad, although it appeared no trees had been totally lost there and he expected the scars to heal quickly.

In 2002 a lot of conifers had been damaged but this year it appeared to be the deciduous trees such as English oaks and birches that had suffered the most, possibly because there was little wind with the snow this year.

Streets were being cleared first because access was easiest, although some access ways had been cleared in the Ashburton Domain. All the material was being chipped and initially stockpiled on a sealed area in the domain, Mr Askin said, because access was difficult to the area in the cemetery where such material was normally kept.

A planned visit by a Christchurch firm to carry out high-level maintenance on council trees had now been postponed until late July, and the work would more likely be cleaning up storm damage rather than maintenance.

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