21 November 2018 - ADC -  The Ashburton District Council has lifted the precautionary boil water notice in place for the Methven supply.
The quality of the Methven water has returned to normal and no contamination has been found, after monitoring equipment detected high turbidity in the water yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 20 November).
A precautionary boil water notice remains in place for the Mt Somers supply, as the turbidity levels have not yet decreased. People connected to this scheme are advised to continue boiling their water for at least one minute before consuming.
Although the water treatment equipment for both Methven and Mt Somers has been working correctly, high turbidity lowers the effectiveness of the treatment equipment. Council therefore issued the boil water notices as a precaution.
It is believed the high turbidity levels were caused by the heavy rainfall experienced in the district yesterday.
“We are satisfied that the Methven water is now as it should be, and residents can consume the water as normal,” Council Service Delivery Group Manager Neil McCann says. “Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time. We are continuing to monitor the Mt Somers supply, and will advise when it is safe to remove this notice as well.”
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