If you donít have your bins, let Council know
1 September 2017 - ADC - Ashburton District’s new wheelie bin and crate kerbside collection service starts today, and Ashburton District Council is requesting residents who may not have their bins or bin labels to please contact Council.
While most properties were delivered their bins in August ready for the start of the new service, some properties do not have their bins yet or are missing their labels with the collection day and week.
Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says additional properties requiring bins were identified during the bin delivery process, and this has resulted in a shortage of yellow recycling wheelie bins.
“Thank you everyone who has already contacted us about their bins. We are still delivering the red wheelie bins to properties, however if residents don’t have their bin in time for their collection day, they should use either a black ADC bag or similar black rubbish bag. For the next two weeks, these properties can also continue using their green recycling crates.

“During the next two weeks, we will be delivering the red wheelie bins with free clear recycling bags for residents to use until their yellow recycling bins arrive. We are sourcing additional yellow bins and anticipate these will arrive in coming weeks.
“If you have not already let Council know that you haven’t got your bins, please get in touch.”
Some properties do not have bin labels stating what day and week they are collected, and Mr Goodwin says these labels should arrive in residents’ mailboxes in coming days. “Until these labels are delivered, there are maps available on the Council website showing what days and weeks each area is collected. If your labels don’t arrive by the end of next week, please let us know.”
Residents can contact Council on 03 307 7700 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . To view the collection area maps or for more information on the wheelie bin service, visit ashburtondc.govt.nz/binitright
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