Self-defence messages instilled
31 August 2017 - By Mick Jensen - Key messages and techniques associated with self defence have be instilled in the minds of Year 8 female students at Ashburton Intermediate after an intensive education programme from the Girls Self Defence Project Aotearoa.
External facilitator Sandra Stewart worked with the girls to show them how they can protect themselves should they get in trouble.
The Central Otago resident provided eight hours of tuition to each Year 8 class over the last week, with sessions funded by the Women's Self Defence Network.
The voice was one of the most important and powerful tools to use against an attacker, Mrs Stewart said.
Loud yells helped to draw attention to the situation and were likely to give the attacker a fright.
Screaming didn't work because you would lose your voice and weaken your body, she said.
``Looking your attacker in the eye challenges them and lets them know you mean to defend yourself.''
Student sessions were split between discussions on a variety of topics, including types of abuse, and on practising techniques
Hands on defence techniques included kicking, punching, ducking away and aiming for vulnerable points on the attacker, such as the eyes.
Mrs Stewart said it was important to ``turn fear into anger'' at times.


Self defence instructor Sandra Stewart (in pink) demonstrates the hard and fast hammer hit technique.
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