Donít know your collection day? Labels are on the way
16 August 2017 - ADC - Ashburton District residents whose new wheelie bins don’t have the collection day or week printed on them should keep an eye on their letterbox, as these labels will soon be delivered in the mail.

  Wheelie bins delivered to approximately 600 properties on Saturday 12 and on the morning of Monday 14 August did not have their correct label on them, advising residents the day they are to be collected and the week the recycling bin will be picked up. These details should have been included on the white label stuck to the side of the bins, where the property address and details of the bin are also printed.
Ashburton District Council Waste Recovery Manager Craig Goodwin says there was a mishap with the printing of the labels, but once identified, the issue was quickly fixed and bins being delivered from yesterday all have the correct information on them.
“We worked out very early on in the delivery process that the labels were missing some crucial information. That problem has now been fixed and the bin delivery is back on track. I encourage residents whose bins don’t have the collection information on them to check their mail later this month for the updated labels and to stick them on their bins ready for the new service on 1 September.”
More than 10,000 properties in the district are in the process of receiving their 240 litre yellow recycling bin and 80 litre red rubbish bin. Residents in the new collection area who don’t currently receive Council kerbside collection services will also receive a green 45 litre crate for glass bottles and jars. Residents who already have this crate (which is currently used for all recycling) are encouraged to keep it for the new service. The crate will be collected on alternate weeks to the yellow recycling bin.
An information booklet is tapped to the lid of the red wheelie bin explaining what the service is and how it will work. Further information is available on the Council website
Residents who don’t receive their updated label in their letterbox by the end of the month should contact Council on 03 307 7700 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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