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Registration and Demonstration Night Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Ashburton Athletic Track & Field Committee welcomes you to the summer programme. Junior Athletics 7 years and upwards starts at 5.30 pm every Wednesday unless wet down at the Ashburton Domain Oval Starting Wednesday 14 October 2015. A Round Robin programme is run for the first 2 weeks to familiarize previous athletes and introduce new athletes to the sport. Thereafter the season is run using 3 programmes to complete all the disciplines available in athletics - 7 - 9 year old complete a few events twice as they dont do long distance events and are supplemented with kiwi sports programmes

Catering for ages 7 - 14 years
(older athletes  welcome)

Get active while learning, competing and having fun.

To pre-register or any enquiries
please phone

Amanda Colquhoun   Ph  3081000 or 02102266508



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