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Ashburton Golf Club mens - saturday 4th october and sunday 5th october, 2014

Saturday 4 October
The second round of the Watson Cup will be played.    There will be a Stableford round for others.

Number 1 Tee

12.00​ Stewart Dunlop and Dave Hewitt  vs Bill Hetrick and Gordon Clinton

12.07 ​Pieter van Vollenhoven and Paddy Bradford  vs Ryan Cockburn and Adrian Hopwood

12.14 John Davis and Derek Shaw  vs  Noel Sutton and Laurie Thomas

12.21 ​Ken Clucas and Paul May  vs  Lindsay and Dylan Stoddart
Starting Time: Morning 8.00am​ Afternoon  Report at 11.30 for an 12.00 start.

Saturday Starters: 

Morning Pieter van Vollenhoven​​ Afternoon Paddy Bradford and Noel Sutton
Results Bruce Day and Bob Grant
Sunday 5 October
The annual County Stroke Match
will be played with a starting time of 12.00pm

ASHBURTON GOLF CLUB womens - tuesday 30th September, 2014 

Bisque Par round: 

Draw Steward:  Janice Dunlop 308 3910

Tuesday Starters:  E. Porter and J Dunlop

No 1 Tee

9.30 V. Moore v H. Ward P. Bell v D. Hinton

9.36 W. Parr, H.Robertson, L. Small

9.42 S. Lemon, A. Grant, H. Trott

9.48 J. Williams, K. Kinnear, E. Langford

No. 7 Tee

9.48 R. Bennett, J. Leferink, J. Donaldson

9.54 J. Dunlop No.

10 Tee

9.30 C. Trott, M. Watson, B. Cameron

9.36 J. Welch, L. Wackrow, K. Green

9.42 S. Simpson, M. Bean, B. Davidson

9.48 T. Cates, E. Porter, J. Early

Nine Hole Men and Womens Thursday 2nd October 2014

Greensome – report 9.15 a.m.
Nine Hole Convenors
– Carol O'Reilly 308 8758 and Wendy Smith 308 9201



Tinwald Golf Club - Saturday 4th october, 2014

Draw for a stroke (Ash Vegas qualifier) to be played on Saturday October 4th.

Morning players will have a clubhouse draw for an 8am start.

Afternoon  draw will be at the clubhouse. 12.00 report for 12.30 start.

G and R Seeds play-off starts for top 30 players in the qualifying rounds.

Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times.

Tinwald Womens Golf - Tuesday 30th september, 2014

Val Scammell Trophy (Closed Tournament$3)

Report 9 am Club House Draw  for 9 30 9 Hole Women Stroke Round

Starters V Prendergast  J Undy 

Cards  M Kennedy  P Ellis 


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