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Ashburton Golf Club mens - saturday 28th november, 2015

The annual closing day match for the John Smallbone Memorial Trophy will be played. 

This is a mixed Canadian Foursomes match and play will start at 11.30am due to the presentation evening and dinner to follow.
Starting Time:​ Morning 8.00am​ Afternoon  Report at 11.00 for an 11.30 start.

Saturday Starters: Starting from the Pro Shop

Results Match Committee

Ashburton Golf Club Age Group Tournament – Monday 23rd November, 2015

Number 1 Tee

11.00​ A Smith, D Shaw, A Rushton, M Anderson
11.06 ​P Molloy, B Bluett, B Leighton, B Pugh
11.12​ R Shearer, T Watson, B Edmondston, T Connell
11.18​ B McIsaac, G Patrick, P Huggins, N Trueman
11.24 ​G Read, J Lovett, H Hendriks, J Dudley
11.30 ​J Davis, R Hollinger, J Cornelius, B Wilson
11.36 ​K Borland, T Simmons, B Hawksby, S Dunlop
11.42​ C Galway, G Clinton, M Ferris
Number 10 Tee
11.00 ​J Williamson, G Ackerley, B Donaldson, S Stratford
11.06​ A Lilley, G Munro, D Hewitt, G Cartney
11.12​ C Divers, C Sheehan, M Holmes
11.18​ M Trewavas, T O’Reilly, D Houghton, P Kerr
11.24​ P Pratt, G Lane, R Lambert
11.30​ G McEvoy, G Taylor, J Easton, M Gray
11.36​ M Green, J McArthur, B O’Sullivan, E Waters
Number 7 Tee

11.12​ C Alexander, N MacDonald, B Jury, D Stoddart
11.18​ B Ferriman, I Blain, M Moorehead, P MacAulay
11.24​ R Suttie, T Molloy, T Kerr, M Lang
Post entries will be accepted.





Tinwald Golf Club - Saturday 26th September, 2015

Championship Finals Draw for Saturday September 26th


D Allan  v  L Jackson 


M Kennedy  v  V Prendergast


P Summerfield  v  R Watson


C Linney  v  B MacGregor 


B Peddie  v  S Anderson


W Stevenson  v  M Bennett 


N Heney  v  J Smith


P Ellis  v  B Jackson


D Busch  v  S Kennedy  G Rennie  v  C Hart


K Gray  v  L Moore  K Whiting  v  D Osborn


M Sherriff  v  N Costin


Tinwald Womens GolF - tuesday 10th novenber, 2015

Mildred Doak Trophy (3 Clubs)
Report from 8.30  for 9.00 tee off. 

First day of summer golf.

Linda McClea convenor.


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