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Ashburton Golf Club mens - saturday 25th october & monday 27th october (Labour Day), 2014

This is a mixed day with a teams stableford being played
Starting Time:
Morning 8.00am ​Afternoon  Report at 11.30 for an 12.00 start.

Saturday Starters:
Morning Alaister Baird​​ Afternoon Clarrie Galway and Mel Trewavas

Results Greig Sparrow and John Dudley
Monday 27 October

On Labour Monday a stableford match will be played for the Centennial Trophy, this is a mixed day.
Report at 11.30am for a 12 noon start.

ASHBURTON GOLF CLUB womens - tuesday 28th october, 2014 


Please report at 9.00 a.m. for a 9.30 a.m.

Multiple start 

Draw Steward:  Kathryn Green 308 5393 

Tuesday Starters:  J. Montgomery and G. Lane 

No 1 Tee

V. Moore & J. Ackerley, R.Bennett & H. Ward 

2nd off B. Turton & B. Gregory, J. Montgomery & G. Lane,

No 2 Tee

S. Lemon & F. Matsinger, L. Wackrow & H. Trott,

No 7 Tee

C. Trott & J. Early, D. Simmons & K. Shaw,

No. 9 Tee

J. Guilford & J. Leferink, J. Williams & K. Read,

No 10 Tee

W. Parr & K. Green, M. Watson & A. Hunt,

2nd off B. Cameron,

No 11 Tee

P. Bell & E. Porter, A. Grant & M. Bean,

No 16 Tee

H. Argyle & W. Suttie, K. Robb & L. Small,

No 18 Tee

S. Simpson & W. Carter, H. Robertson & K. Kinnear

Nine Hole Men and Women's - Thursday 30th October, 2014

3 clubs – report 9.15 a.m.

Nine Hole Convenors – Carol O'Reilly 308 8758 and Wendy Smith 308 9201

Saturday 25th October, 2014 Labour Weekend

Mixed day – team stableford

All women players welcome to join weekend ladies

Club Captain – Jenny Williams 308 2081

Nine Hole Men and Women's - Thursday 23rd October, 2014

Visitors Day – report 9.15 a.m.

Nine Hole Convenors – Carol O'Reilly 308 8758 and Wendy Smith 308 9201




Tinwald Golf Club - Saturday 25th october, 2014

Draw for the Isadora Trophy (chosen partner 4BBB) to be played on Saturday October 25th.

Morning players will have a clubhouse draw for an 8am start.

Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times.

No 1 Tee

12.30, R Kirdy, B Kirdy, D Allan, R Watson.

12.36, P Marshall, A Pierce, P Hefford, N Rayner.

No 10 Tee.

12.30, A Barrie, O Everest, M Fechney, T McAndrew.

12.36, G Rennie, T Clarke, B Collins, R Wards.

12.42, A Pawsey, R Bruce, D Green,

No 13 Tee.

12.30, J Beardsley, S Newman, W Stevenson.

12.36, E Collins, B Kirdy, S Lane,

Starters; am B Collins, pm P Marshall.

Cards. Committee 


Tinwald Womens Golf - Tuesday 28th october, 2014,

3 Club Day 

Report  9 for 9.30 Start 

Club House Draw 

Starters V Prendergast  C Linney

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