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Ashburton Golf Club mens - saturday 25th April (ANZAC DAY) & Monday 27th April, 2015

Saturday 25 April

Being ANZAC Day there will be no morning golf. 

A Stroke round will be played in the afternoon
Starting Time:
​ Afternoon  Report at 11.30 for an 12noon start.

Saturday Starters:
Afternoon P Bradford and R Bell

Results Match Committee
Monday 27 April

The annual match between the men and women for the Baker Trophy will be held. 

This is an individual stableford round with the scores being averaged to find the winning sex.

Report at 11.30am for a 12noon start.


ASHBURTON GOLF CLUB womens - Saturday 25th April (ANZAC Day), 2015

Rnd 3 Club Champs. 

Report 11.30 am. 

C. Knight v. P. Bell.  N. Nathan v. N. Hamilton-Cross.  K. Fox v. R. Gallagher.  M. Carter v. A. Watson.  K. Green v. B. Fechney. 

Other players will play a putting round.

Mid-Week Women - Tuesday 28th April 2015

Rnd 3 Club Champs. 

Draw Steward: Kathryn Green 3085393. 

Starters:  G. Lane & K. Green.

House Duty:  C. Bell & P. Bell.

No. 1 Tee 

9.30 B. Turton v. M. Watson. 

9.36  M. Urquhart v. H. Ward/J. Williams. 

9.42 L. Small v. R. Bennett 

9.48   K. Robb v. W. Carter 

9.54  J. Ackerley v. B. Watkins/K. Shaw. 

10.00  F. Matsinger v. J. Early. 

Other players will play a putting round. 

No. 7 Tee. 

9.42  S. Elliott, M. Bean, B. Watkins/K. Shaw. 

9.48   Ward/Williams, E. Langford,

No. 10 Tee. 

9.30 J. Guilford, C. Emery, 

9.36  D. Hinton, H. Robertson, B. Cameron.  

9.42  C. Trott, R. Fail, G. Lane. 

9.48    S. Lemon, B. Davidson, K. Green

Nine Hole Men & Women - Thursday 30th April 2015

Convenors:  A. Fleming 3084005 & J. Nicholas 3086464. 

Rnd 3 Club Champs.

Report 9.15 am. 

Players not in Champs will play a seperate competition. 

Club Captain:  Jenny Williams 3082081


Tinwald Golf Club - Saturday 18th April, 2015

Draw for the 1st round of the Findlay Cup 4 BBB to be played on Saturday.

Morning players and those not competing in the Findlay Cup will have a clubhouse draw for an 8am and 12.30 pm start. This includes the women.

Players are asked to report 15 minutes prior to tee off times.

No 1 Tee.

12.30, M Kamate, T Reynolds, v, Bye,

12.36, C Hart, P Roulston, v, B Smith, W Smith

12.42, L Jackson, S Kennedy, v, A Millar, S Kircher.

12.48, B Peddie, A Anderson, v, S Anderson, L McGee.

No 10 Tee.

12.30, T Clarke, R Simms, v, W Mason, O Everest.

12.36, L Moore, R Bruce, v, P Marshall, A Pierce.

12.42, P Hefford, N Rayner, v, A Marshall, M Thomas.

12.48, B MacGregor, W Mellish, v, M Banks, B MacGregor

Starters; am P Roulston, pm S Newman, S Lane. Cards. C Hart


Tinwald Womens GolF - tuesday 21st april, 2015

Medal  !st Ailsa Jary Stones Trophy (B3) Twilighters (65+)
No 1 

9.30  B. Harris M. Kennedy  P. Bell
9.35  J. Smith  A. Dwan  M. Colville
9.40  L. NcClea  J. Undy  H. Argyle
9.45  J. Cameron  B. Jackson  I. Divers
No 4 

9.30  B. Cochrane  M. Smith  S. Young 
9.35  L. Bird  D. Wellman  M. Pawsey
9.40  S. Vucetich  S. Gutsell R. Kinvig  
No 10 

9.30  V Prendergast  P. Ellis  J. Bruhns
9.35  B. O’Neill  C. Shanks  D. Sharplin 
9.40  M. Moore  M. Oakley  V. Cartney
No 13 

9.30 D. Bell  M. Bennett  K. McAuliffe  C. Linney
9.35  P. Smith  J. Peacock  P. McAndrew  J. vander Heide
Nine Holes  Sue Bunt (GNZ)
9.50  K. Young  N. Costin  9.55  J. Cartwright  I. Ross  C. Carr
Starters  J. Undy  L. McClea

Cards  B. Harris  C. Linney

Tea duty  M. Pawsey  P. McAndrew  

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